Garden Green in Plano

Do you Garden Green in Plano?

When you garden green in Plano, you work with Mother Nature instead of against her to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. Whether you’re new to North Central Texas gardening or an old hand who’s struggling in the heat, we have ideas on how to save you time, energy, money and most important for Texans - water.

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Shade Gardening
Got shade? We've got solutions! When Mother Nature sends the message that even grass doesn't want to grow in your shady yard, it's time for a landscape update. Learn how to plan and plant an attractive oasis of foliage and texture to delight the eye - even under the arching canopy of mature trees.

WaterWise Landscape Tour
Tour local Texas SmartScape® landscapes and learn from experts about water efficient landscaping and water conservation practices. At our tour headquarters, speak with experts about irrigation and landscaping, and observe the monarch butterfly migration.

Landscape for Life Series
We'll show you how to work in cooperation with nature, no matter where you are - on a suburban lot, a 20-acre farm or the common area of your condominium. Home gardens can improve the quality of your neighborhood and its environmental health. By working with nature, you'll save time, energy, money, and most important for Texans - water. This hands-on, 10-hour, five-class series covers the role of successful soil practices, water capture and conservation, as well as plant material selection in a sustainable, eco-friendly garden design.

For more details about this Sustainable Sites Initiative, visit the Landscape for Life page.

Success with Seeds
It's never too early to start your spring gardening. Learn the secrets to successful seed sowing from contributor and seed master, Greg Holdsworth.

Visit the Plano Community Garden page and click the resources tab.

Organic Vegetable Gardening
Plano Community Gardeners will share their first-hand experience with soil, water and insects while producing lush organic vegetables. Learn how to set up your spring garden for maximum results.

Visit the Plano Community Garden page and click the resources tab.